Parts of Integumentary System



The major parts of the Integumentary System are:
  • skin
  • hair
  • nails sweat glands

The major Functions are:
  • to protect against skin abrasion and sunlight
  • to protect against harmful substances and microorganisms
  • regulation of body temperature
  • reduction of water loss
  • produces Vit. D precursors
  • it also provides information about heat, cold, pressure and pain
- hair is one of the accessory muscle of our skin structures, it is also common to all mammals. Hair can also be found anywhere in the skin of a human being except in:
  • palms
  • soles
  • lips
  • nipples
  • parts of the genetalia
  • distal parts of fingers and toes

1. Shaft - it protrudes above the surface of the skin
2. Root and hair bulb- it is located below the surface of the skin
3. Cortex - It is hard and surrounds a softer center (medulla)
4. Medulla - the softer part
5. Cuticle - it covers the cortex and holds the hair in the hair follicle
6. Hair Follicle - it is an extension of the epidermis that is deep in the epidermis


It is normal to loss hair when it is the stage of replacement; it is the time when the old hair falls out and the new hair begins to grow. What is not normal is a permanent loss of hair and results to "baldness." Actually the hair is not lost, it is only replaced by a short and transparent hair which makes it looks like invisible.
It is not a problem for some people but for others, it is a big deal and losses their self confidence and sometimes interfere in their social life and work. It is the reason why some of our experts like "new york male and female hair transplants" to their very best to help "baldy" people to make their hair grows normally so that they can regain their loss composure and make live with their normal and happy life.

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