Exercise During Pregnancy

Exercise during pregnancy helps in managing discomforts of labor by strengthening pelvic and abdominal muscles.
Exercise during pregnancy must have a specific time and duration.

The Safety Precautions include:
  1. never exercise to a point of exhaustion or if there are danger signs of pregnancy
  2. always rise from the floor slowly to prevent orthostatic hypotension
  3. to rise from the floor, roll over to the side first and then push up to avoid strain on the abdominal muscles
  4. never point the toes to prevent leg cramps
  5. do not hyperextend the lower back to prevent muscle strain
  6. do not hold your breath while exercising because this increases intra-abdominal and intrauterine pressure
  7. do not practice second-stage pushing. This may increase intrauterine pressure and rupture of membrane

 Exercise during pregnancy designs include:
  1. tailor sitting
  2. squatting
  3. pelvic floor exercise/kegel's exercise
  4. abdominal muscle contraction exercise: blowing candle exercise
  5. pelvic rocking

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